Defeating Global Phone Scams
with Conversational AI!

Diverting and distracting scam callers before they reach your customers.

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Helping the world become a safer place by combating scammers with us.

25.5% of world citizens lost money to scams in 2023

A quarter of all unknown calls are scams or fraudulent.


In 2023 over 2bn people fell victim to online and phone scams.


Scammers make 70 million calls globally every single day.


Due to the global nature of the problem, law enforcement has struggled to make an impact.

Source: Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA)
The Global State of Scams 2023 Report

How Apate fights back?

Apate Disrupts & Deters scammers.
Discover Apate AI-Callee and Apate Insights. Best solution to phone scams.

Existing Approach (Reactive): Detect, Filter and Block.

Apate Approach (Proactive): Divert, Distract and Disrupt.

Apate AI-Callee


  • Calls blocked to be redirected to Apate AI-Callee
  • Guaranteed Minimum number of minutes per call
  • Multi-lingual Conversational Bots enhanced with Conversation Memory, Trained Objective Function, and Shared Mental Models
  • Continuous learning and improvement via reinforcement learning
  • Diverse personas with AI-generated multi-lingual voices
  • Deriving intent of the scammer and reacting in a way to deceive
  • Apate Insights

    (Enterprise and Government)

  • Impersonated Organisations receive real-time notifications of scam campaigns
  • Threat intelligence includes scam categorisation, scam stages/scripts and scammer narratives
  • Scammers voice fingerprinting
  • Periodic (daily/monthly) detailed reports via Web portal dashboard and APIs
  • Global intelligence sub-licensed for all impersonated organisations across
  • Our Offer

    Apate AI-Callee

    for Telcos
    Make phone scams ineffective in your network using Apate AI scam victim

    • 100K Redirected Calls per day
    • unlimited AI personas
    • More than 5 minutes of calls
    • Bonus: Scam near real time notifications for up to 10 Impersonated Organisations
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    Apate Insights (Targeted)

    for Businesses
    Continuously monitor who and how scammers target your organization (1 entity)

    • Near real-time notifications
    • Scam Intelligence for scam calls mentioning your organization
    • Organisation-specific Scam Analytics
    • Detailed Periodic Reports
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    Apate Insights (Premium)

    for Businesses and Governments
    Understand the Global scam market at any point in time (All Scam campaigns)

    • Near real-time notifications for Selected Entities
    • Scam Intelligence for all scam calls
    • Cross organisations Scam Analytics
    • Detailed Reports
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