Scammer's Time Waster

When a Scammer Calls...
The Apate Chat Bot will Respond! 

 Scammer audio is fed from our Asterisk server to the bot.

Our bot transcribes this audio in real time into text. 

Our bot relies on cutting edge conversational AI model to create a response based on what the scammer said. 

This response is converted into life-like human speech relying on advanced AI techniques for voice cloning with emotion modulation. 

The response audio is sent back to the scammer

As long as the scammer is convinced our bot is a potential victim, our bot will keep the conversation going...

Deployment Model

We aim to address the increasing public menace of phone scams through redirecting scam calls to conversational AI bots optimized to present convincing scam victims. Should a large proportion of scam calls be directed to these bots, much of a scammers time would be spent with the bots without profit, invalidating the scam business model and crippling the scammer ecosystem.

Our Apate Framework Solutions 

Our Apate framework delivers end-to-end solutions for defeating phone scams. To support the time-waster chat bot, we also deliver:

Scam Catcher

The scam catcher module enables smart scam detection at the exchange. It relies on cutting edge AI models and rich training sets of scam calls and scripts to learn scam conversations flows and patterns.

Scam Alert

The scam alert module Identifies nuisance calls including robotic calls, recorded messages, synthesised or morphed voices. It has the intelligence to understand scam conversations and detects language elements and conversation features indicative of a scam. It can further detect scammers behavioural anomalies.